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Top 27 Kerala Temples

Top 27 Temples in Kerala

:- Apart from the exotic natural grandeur, Kerala is affluent with magnificent and historical places of worship of all major faiths of the world, including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Jainism. The unique architecture shared by the Kerala’s historic and cultural monuments is called “Nalukettu”, which is a fine amalgam of stonework, woodwork, stuccowork and painting - harmoniously blended into a structure vibrant with traditions of the region. Also, the Fort Kochi at Kerala is an inquisitive union of various styles of architecture pursued by the Europeans, Chinese, Jews and Arabians.


Famous Temples of Kerala

One of the numerous magni-ficent abodes of deities across Kerala Sri Kashimath Temple marks the faith

Guruvayoor Temple
Celebrated as the Dwaraka of the South, the Guruvayoor or Sree Krishna Temple enshrines the youthful form of Krishna.

Thirunakkara Siva Temple
Thirunakkara Siva Temple built in the indigenous style of architecture, this temple has many interesting paintings

Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple
The Sree Krishna Temple here, built in the typical Kerala architectural style, is famous all over Kerala for "Palpayasam",

Thrissur Vadakkunathan
One of the most ancient temples in the state Vadak kunathan temple contains many decorative wall paintings

Sree Ramaswami Temple
Temple dedicated to Sree Rama is one of the most prominent temples in Malabar. The exquisite carvings in the temple

Tali Temple
Tali Temple Built in the 14th century by Swami Thirumulpad, the Zamorian, within his palace complex this temple

Jain Temple of Jaininedu
Temple of Jaininedu Situated on western suburbs of Palakkad town, not far from the railway station this historic 32 feet

Chottanikkara Devi Temple
The Chottanikkara Temple is a famous temple of the goddess Bhagawati and the temple is located near Ernakulam

Garuda Temple
Southern State of Kerala has much to offer in terms of its hoary temple tradition. Kerala temple architecture is unique

Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple
Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple -A well-known pilgrim centre, Sabarimala is situated amidst dense forests

Ettumannoor Siva Temple
The Siva Temple here, built in 16 AD, is a good specimen of the indigenous Kerala Style of temple architecture.

Mannarasala Snake Temple
Situated near Harippad, is is a serpent shrine under the patronage of a Brahmin family, headed by a priestess.

Irinjalakkuda Koodal Temple
Irinjalakkuda Koodal Manikam is situated 10 Km. away from Irinjalakkuda railway station. Ancient temple is dedicated

Parassini Kadavu Temple
Muthappan Temple stands on the banks of the Valapattanam River. This pilgrim centre is famous for the Muthappan

Thirunavaya Temple
Thirunavaya Situated on the banks of the Bharathapuzha, this is a place of great historical importance.

Thirunelly Temple
Thirunelly Temple Surrounded by Kambamala. Karimala and Varadiga, the Thirunelly temple is a marvel of temple

Kodungallur Devi Temple
Kodungallur Bhagavathy is Located at Kodungallur in Thrissur District of Kerala. The Goddess is popularly
Laxmi Venkatesh
Kerala has a seemingly never-ending row of beautiful and historical temples, sort of representing the tradition

Vaikom Siva Temple
Town located on the bank of the Vembanadu lake is famous for its Siva Temple which is one of the oldest Siva Temple

kerala Erumeli Temple
Erumeli Located on the bank of Manimala River, Erumeli is an important pilgrim centre for Hindus and Muslims.

Rock Cut Cave Temple
Temple is of great archeological significance. Dating back to the 8th century AD, this temple bears close

Kottiyoor Temple
There is a famous Siva Temple here, on the banks of the Bavail river. Lakhs of devotees attend the annual 27 day long

Ochira Para Brahma Temple
Ochira unique feature of this famous pilgrim centre is that there is no deity or idol at the famous Para Brahma temple

Thali Temple Perinthalmanna
Temple is located about 3 Km west of Angadipuram dedicated to Goddess Durga, this is an important pilgrim

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Temple located near the bus stand at East Fort, is the city's most impressive landmark. Its 7 stored gopuram built in 16th

Lokanarkavu Temple
Lokanarkavu Temple is situated at Memunda in North Kerala . temple dedicated to goddess Durga has great historical

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