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Guruvayoor Temple

Guruvayoor Temple

is one of the most sacred and imported pilgrim centers of Kerala. Its main attraction is the Sree Krishna temple known as 'Guruvayoor Ambalam'. This historic temple is shrouded in mystery. According to belief, the temple is the creation of Guru, the preceptor of the Devas, and Vayu the Lord of Winds. The eastern nada is the main entrance to the shrine. In the chuttambalam (outer enclosure) is the tall 33.5 mt. high gold plated Dwajasthambam (flag post). There is also a 7 mt. high Deepasthambham (pillar of lamps), whose 13 circular receptacles provide a truly gorgeous spectacle when lit. The square Sreekovil is the sacred sanctum sanctorum of the temple which houses the main deity. Within the temple there are also images of Ganapathy, Sree Ayyappa and Edathedathu Kavil Bhagavathy.

Celebrated as the Dwaraka of the South, the Guruvayoor or Sree Krishna Temple enshrines the youthful form of Krishna. The temple is rich in legend, tradition and festivals. Legend has it that the preceptor of Gods (Brihaspati) and the wind God established this temple at the behest of Lord Krishna to provide safe haven to his image, gifted to him by Brahma. The divine image is believed to heal difficult physical ailments with much folklore in support.

The square sanctum sanctorum (Sreekovil), installing the main deity image, can be viewed from the temple entrance in the east. The walls of the sanctum sanctorum are inlaid with exquisite mural paintings and carvings. The temple has a 33.5-m tall gold-plated flag post and a 7 m high pillar of lamps, which presents a truly brilliant spectacle, when lit.

The Nirmalya Darisanam is celebrated in the pre-dawn hours (3 am). The sanctum closes at 9 pm, and it stays open throughout the day except for a break between 1pm and 4 pm.

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Guruvayoor Temple

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