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Kerala Tourism guide is such a great help for the travelers to know things about Kerala, popularly known as the God's own Country. To know the people of Kerala, Culture, Tourist cities in Kerala and the major attractions such as temples and Churches in Kerala. While travelling in Kerala, you will come across the famous traditional dance forms at various parts of Kerala. Kerala was formed in 1956, is one of the smallest states in the Republic of India. The state has 14 districts and the capital is in Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala is a land of great natural beauty. The country has the highest rate of literacy (100%) among Indian states.

Graced by the Arabian Sea on the west, the Western Ghats on the east and networked by forty-four rivers, Kerala lies on the southern tip of the Indian peninsula. Kerala is a land of great natural beauty. It is the ideal place to visit during your tour to South India.

The ancient history of Kerala is shrouded in the mists of tradition. The most popular legend would have it that the land crust that forms the state was raised from the depths of the ocean by Parasurama, the Brahmin avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu and hence the sobriquet - "God's own Country". Thus during your tour to Kerala you get an opportunity to be a part of this culturally rich country.

Today, Kerala is one of the best-known tour destinations in the world tourism map. From mind-blowing landscapes to infinite intriguing customs, high-intensity cultural life to the educated public, holidays and tour in Kerala is a unique experience in itself.

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